ACLU Commends Everett for Rejecting Flawed Panhandling Proposals

News Release: 
Thursday, April 16, 2015

ACLU Objected to Proposals as Unconstitutional, Unnecessary 

The Everett City Council last night voted 4-2 to reject laws on panhandling that the ACLU of Washington had criticized as unconstitutional and unnecessary. The ACLU today praised the City Council’s action. 

“The ACLU commends the Everett City Council for declining to adopt flawed and unnecessary proposals to restrict panhandling.  The proposals interfered with the constitutional free speech rights of people to ask others for help, and the city already has in place ordinances addressing concerns about safety,” Jennifer Shaw, ACLU of Washington Deputy Director. 

“The City Council instead should focus on allocating resources to provide services for those in need, as the city’s Streets Initiative Task Force has been considering,” added Shaw.